Site Location Date of Inscription Status
Petrie Building Guelph 2014 SAVED
Former Grand Trunk Railways Locomotive Repair Shops Stratford 2014 ENDANGERED
Nor'Wester Mountain Range and Loch Lomond Watershed Reserve Neebing 2014 SAVED
Gore Park Hamilton 2013 PARTIALLY SAVED
Amherst Island Amherst Island 2013 PARTIALLY LOST
Kingston Collegiate Vocational Institute (KCVI) Kingston 2013 POSITIVE OUTLOOK
POW Camp 30 Clarington 2013 POSITIVE OUTLOOK
Hamilton Education Centre Hamilton 2012 LOST
Ontario Place  Toronto 2012 ENDANGERED
Bala Falls Cultural Landscape Township of Muskoka Lakes 2012 PARTIALLY LOST
Brighton Public School Brighton 2011 LOST
Cockshutt Office and Timekeeper's Building Brantford 2011 PARTIALLY LOST
Guild Inn Scarborough 2011 SAVED
Lansdowne Park Ottawa 2010 PARTIALLY SAVED
Porter/McKinley Block Ridgetown, Chatham-Kent 2010 SAVED
Views of Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building, Queen’s Park Toronto 2010 SAVED
Bellevue House Amherstburg 2009 POSITIVE OUTLOOK
David Dunlap Observatory and Park  Richmond Hill 2009 SAVED
  All Heritage Conservation Districts in Ontario Ontario 2009 ENDANGERED
Riverdale Hospital Toronto 2008 LOST
The Old Grand Trunk Railway Station (later CNR Station) Montreal Street Kingston 2008 PARTIALLY LOST
48 Abell Street Toronto 2007 LOST
Bata Shoe Headquarters Toronto 2006 LOST
Lister Block Hamilton 2006 SAVED
Alma College St. Thomas 2006 LOST
St. Joachim Church Town of Lakeshore 2005 SAVED
Port Dalhousie Historic District St. Catharines 2005 POSITIVE OUTLOOK
Tivoli Theatre Hamilton 2005 LOST