Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Feb 8, 2016

The National Trust for Canada respects your privacy and your personal information. We wrote this notice to help you understand what personal information we collect, how we use it, and what choices you have. We welcome your questions and comments on this notice: you can reach the National Trust’s Privacy Officer at or by phone (toll-free in Canada) at 1-866-964-1066 or by fax 613-237-5987.

Collecting Personal Information

You may voluntarily provide personal information to us as a result of joining the National Trust, making a donation, signing up for our conferences or events, inquiring about our programs, participating in our surveys and contests, using our listservs and websites, or using our web-based crowdfunding and competition platforms such as THIS PLACE MATTERS.  

The National Trust uses your personal information to process your requests and give you access to our tools, contents, programs.

The National Trust does not require the submission of personal information in order to obtain access to National Trust material posted on our websites.

However, in order to participate in some of the programs offered on National Trust web sites, you may have to provide your name, email address and/or other personal information. 

Using or Disclosing Your Personal Information

In addition to fulfilling your requests and processing your participation as noted above, we may also use your information to correspond with you by mail or email about the National Trust and its programs. As a registered charity, we do this because we want to engage you in our work and build a relationship with you. 

Only with your express consent, the National Trust may exchange your mailing information with carefully selected organizations with shared interests. This is a cost-effective way for the National Trust to find new members and donors. However, we don’t want to annoy you! You will be given the option to opt out when you register or participate, and we will honour your request. Even if you opt in, you can opt out at any point thereafter. Just contact the National Trust’s Privacy Officer at or by phone (toll-free in Canada) at 1-866-964-1066 or by fax 613-237-5987.

While emails of which the primary purpose is to raise funds for the National Trust are exempt from anti-spam legislation, we never want to annoy you! To be put on our ‘Do Not Solicit’ list, just contact the National Trust’s Privacy Officer at or by phone (toll-free in Canada) at 1-866-964-1066 or by fax 613-237-5987.

The National Trust includes “unsubscribe” options on all electronic messages, and you may exercise that right at any time.

Note that the National Trust may be required to disclose personal information in the process of complying with requests where such information is required to be released under applicable law or the order of any court, tribunal or governmental agency having authority over the National Trust.

The National Trust does not disclose credit card account information provided by users except to the appropriate banking institutions or payment processing provider in order to process a credit or debit authorization for payment, or to resolve a dispute.

Use of the National Trust website is governed by and subject to the National Trust Terms of Use Agreement.

Safeguarding Personal Information

The National Trust makes commercially reasonable efforts to protect personal information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, use, modification, disclosure and destruction by establishing and maintaining appropriate security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity levels of the information.

If the National Trust enters into contracts with external service providers that require handling of personal information, the National Trust also obtains written assurances that the firm will abide by the National Trust's privacy procedures.

Digital Markers and Cookies

National Trust websites use digital markers, including cookies.  A cookie is a small data file of information offered to your computer by web servers to keep track of your browser as you navigate the site.  We do not combine information about you from these digital markers with other information that you provide to us.  We share information collected through digital markers with other companies who assist us with website analytics for the purposes of measuring and reporting on website traffic and visits.

When you access the secure section of our website to make a financial transaction or to create or update your profile, a cookie is sent from a third party web server to your web browser and is stored on your computer to allow you to perform the function that you intend, keeping you logged into the service in a secure fashion in order to process your transactions, and/or update your personal information. Cookies expire when the browser window is closed. 

For Further Information

Should you have any questions with respect to the National Trust’s Privacy Notice, or if you’d like to access your personal information or limit the manner in which we use it, please contact the National Trust’s Privacy Officer at or by phone (toll-free in Canada) at 1-866-964-1066 or by fax 613-237-5987.

This Privacy Notice is in effect as of February 8, 2016. The National Trust may amend this Privacy Notice at any time.