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National Roundtable on Heritage Education


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The National Roundtable on Heritage Education was founded in 2004 as a forum for discussion on heritage conservation education and training in Canada. The Roundtable has a mandate to:

  • understand the current state of heritage education in Canada, including, public education, training, and academic programs;
  • strengthen the heritage education field by identifying demand, gaps, needs, and proposing sectoral or collective objectives;
  • advance the field of heritage education through fostering collaboration between institutions and other bodies.

Each fall, the Roundtable holds a general meeting – timed to coincide with the National Trust's annual national conference - to discuss topics of importance and to set priorities for the upcoming year. The Roundtable’s Steering Committee - open to all interested participants - holds bi-monthly teleconferences to further the Roundtable’s work throughout the year. Key areas interest for the Roundtable have included: (1) educational and training programs; (2) ethics and professional competencies; (3) research and publishing.

Roundtable contact: Chris Wiebe, Roundtable Coordinator, the National Trust for Canada Tel: 613-237-1066 x227


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