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The Wright-Scott House

Gatineau, Quebec

Built in 1852 for Philemon Wright, the founder of Hull, this historic stone residence is one of the last in the City of Gatineau (Hull sector) to include its original surroundings. Members of the Wright family who resided there include Nancy Louisa Wright and her husband John Scott, the first Mayor of Ottawa.

The current owner is planning to build 20 new houses on the grounds. The reasons for designation listed by the former City of Hull include the exceptional quality of the house’s natural environment. Local residents and heritage organizations rallied against the proposed development, which threatens this unique cultural landscape. Several historic buildings in the area, including la ferme Columbia and the château Monsarrat, have lost their original settings to development.

Although the city’s Urban Advisory Committee originally approved the development, the City recently decided to put the project on hold to allow for further study. The new urban development plan is supposed to favour the preservation and enhancement of significant landscapes in both natural and urban settings. Based on this commitment, the Conseil des monuments et sites du Québec (CMSQ) has called upon the City of Gatineau to protect the heritage integrity of the site by prohibiting any future development.