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National Roundtable on Heritage Education


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The National Roundtable on Heritage Education was founded in 2004 as a forum for discussion on heritage conservation education and training in Canada. The Roundtable has a mandate to:

  • understand the current state of heritage education in Canada, including, public education, training, and academic programs;
  • strengthen the heritage education field by identifying demand, gaps, needs, and proposing sectoral or collective objectives;
  • advance the field of heritage education through fostering collaboration between institutions and other bodies.

Each fall, the Roundtable holds a general meeting – timed to coincide with the National Trust's annual national conference - to discuss topics of importance and to set priorities for the upcoming year. The Roundtable’s Steering Committee - open to all interested participants - holds bi-monthly teleconferences to further the Roundtable’s work throughout the year. Key areas interest for the Roundtable have included: (1) educational and training programs; (2) ethics and professional competencies; (3) research and publishing.

Annual Roundtable Meeting Notes:

Roundtable contact: Chris Wiebe, Roundtable Coordinator, the National Trust for Canada Tel: 613-237-1066 x227


Human Resource Issues in the Preservation of Heritage Buildings (Heritage Canada Foundation, 2003)

Human Resources in Canada’s Built Heritage Sector: Mapping the Work Force and Setting Strategic Priorities (Cultural Human Resources Council, 2004)

Cultural HR Study 2010: Labour Market Information Report for Canada’s Cultural Sector Report (Cultural Human Resources Council, 2010)

Roundtable Steering Committee: 

Co-Chair, Susan Ross (School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University) 
Co-Chair, Shabnam Inanloo Dailoo (Heritage Resources Management, Athabasca University)

Miranda Angus (Cultural Management Programs, University of Victoria)
Lyse Blanchet (ICOMOS Canada) 
Claudine Déom (School of Architecture, Université de Montréal)
Sally Drummond (Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals)
Mariana Esponda Cascajares (School of Architecture, Carleton University)
Christopher Hahn (Perth Campus, Algonquin College)
Andrew MacAdam (Heritage Carpentry, Nova Scotia Community College)
Andrew Pamenter (Heritage Carpentry, Algonquin College)
Mario Santana (Architectural Conservation & Sustainability, Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering) 
Robert Shipley (School of Planning, University of Waterloo)
Josh Silver (Heritage Retrofit Carpentry Program, Holland College)
Angela Specht (Historical Resources Management, Centre for Integrated Studies, Athabasca University)

Roundtable Participants: 

Lloyd Alter (Sustainable Design, School of Interior Design, Ryerson University)
Ronald Bean (Conestoga College)
Lynn Berlin (Heritage Building Conservation & Carpentry Apprenticeship, College of New Caledonia – Quesnel)
Ian Brodie (Heritage and Culture, Cape Breton University)
Christina Cameron (Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage, Université de Montréal)
Claire Campbell (Bucknell University, USA)
Karen Carter (Culture and Heritage Site Management, Centennial College)
Peter Coffman (Architectural History, Carleton University)
Dan Daley (Trades and Continuing Education, Olds College)
Bruce Dawson (Gov't of Saskatchewan)
Mathieu Dormaels (Institut du patrimoine, UQAM)
Masha Etkind (Dept. of Architectural Science, Ryerson University)
Stephen Fai (School of Architecture, Carleton University)
Julia Gersovitz (School of Architecture, McGill University)
Barb Hogan (Cultural Services Branch, Government of Yukon)
Jack Hollinger (Heritage Carpentry, Algonquin College)
Shannon Kyles (Architecture, Mohawk College)
Judy Larmour (Historical Resources Management, Athabasca University)
Tania Martin (School of Architecture, Université Laval)
Tania Muir (Cultural Resource Management Programs, University of Victoria)
Nancy Oakley (Yukon Historical and Museums Association) 
Judy Oberlander (Judy Oberlander and Associates Inc.)
Larry Pearson (Historic Places Stewardship, Government of Alberta)
Lisa Prosper (Centre for Cultural Landscape, Willowbank School of Restoration Arts)
Nicholas Roquet (École d’architecture, Université de Montréal)
John Scott (Heritage Institute, Algonquin College)
Julian Smith (Willowbank School of Restoration Arts)
Tom Urbaniak (Dept. of Political Science, Cape Breton University)
Jack Vandenburg (Heritage Conservation Directorate, PWGSC)
Shelley Withers (Nova Scotia Community College)