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Research Reports and Conference Proceedings:

National Trust research reports and conference proceedings focus on important issues facing heritage conservation, from economic benefits and sustainable development to cultural tourism and the heritage workforce.

Exploring the Connection Between Built and Natural Heritage Preservation

2003 Human Resource Issues in the Preservation of Heritage Buildings, 2002 Built Heritage: Assessing a Tourism Resource

Other Research Report

2014 Financial Measures to Encourage Heritage Development -- Final Report

Heritage Canada Releases Study on Heritage Workforce - Executive Summary

2004 Packaging the Potential: Discovering Heritage Tourism – Practical ideas for the tourism industry

Conference Proceedings :

2006 Headlines, Hotlinks and Historic Places: Heritage in an Electronic Age

2005 Heritage and Sustainability: Canadian Communities and Kyoto

2004 Stewardship of Heritage Buildings

2003 Heritage Preservation Works

2002 Discovering Heritage Tourism

2001 Preservation Pays: The Economics of Heritage Preservation

2000 Towards A National Trust

Copies of these reports and proceedings are available from the National Trust for Canada office:
190 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6H4 Tel: (613) 237-1066 or email