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The National Trust Responds to Regeneration Opportunities in 2015 Federal Budget

Ottawa, ON April 21, 2015 – The National Trust for Canada is encouraged by the 2015 federal Budget’s recognition that history guides our future, reflected in new funding to renew and celebrate places that matter to Canadians under the banner of ‘Canada 150.’

The budget announces the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, a new dedicated fund to support renovation, expansion and improvement of existing community infrastructure across Canada.

While no dollar value is stated, we urge government to endow the program at a level sufficient to turn the tide for existing and historic places that tell our national stories, many of which are chronically underfunded and at risk.  

Open to municipalities, community organizations and non-profit groups, this funding could help regenerate distressed communities, and renew a legacy of community facilities, historic lighthouses and buildings on main street.

“Historic places are an excellent springboard for 2017 celebrations,” said the National Trust’s Executive Director Natalie Bull, speaking from Ottawa. “The announced cost-share funding, if invested wisely in community regeneration, could stimulate local economies, create jobs, and create opportunities for youth.”

The budget also provides substantial funds to support nation-building activities and events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation: $210 million over 4 years for local and national events, activities and festivals.

“Combined with what we hope will be substantial funding for Canada’s bricks and mortar heritage, these funds can help connect Canadians to the tangible and intangible heritage that shapes our communities and our national spirit,” said Ms. Bull.

Also of interest to the National Trust and the network of charitable heritage organizations, the budget includes measures to promote philanthropy in the form of capital gains exemption for donations involving private shares or real estate.

To review the entire 2015 Budget, please click here.  

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