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Heritage Canada Foundation Responds to Federal Budget

Ottawa, ON March 30, 2012 -- The Heritage Canada Foundation expressed concern that the 2012 federal Budget tabled yesterday by the Minister of Finance lacks support for Canada's historic places.

Although national museums and the Canada Council for the Arts will not see reductions to funding over the next three years, Parks Canada Agency is to be cut by $29.2 million during that time. The impact on Canada's National Historic Sites, both publicly and privately owned, remains to be seen.

The 2012 Budget also fails to earmark seed money to support the transfer of hundreds of surplus historic lighthouses out of federal government ownership and into the hands of Canadian communities, despite the recommendation of the Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans.

The Budget does contain some measures which may have a positive impact on historic places:

• Increased funding to the Commemorations for the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 over the next four years. 

• The creation of the Rouge Valley National Near-Urban Park in Toronto 

• $150 million over two years for a new Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund aimed at existing community facilities. 

To review the entire Budget 2012, click here.

The Heritage Canada Foundation is a national, membership-based, non profit organization with a mandate to promote the preservation of Canada’s historic buildings and places.

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