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City of Kelowna, British Columbia receives HCF Achievement Award

Ottawa, ON October 19, 2012 – The Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) and the Kelowna Museums Society (KMS) are pleased to announce the presentation today of a national Achievement Award to the City of Kelowna, B.C., for the Laurel Packinghouse Rehabilitation Project.

The Achievement Award recognizes the extensive structural work undertaken by the City to stabilize and upgrade the historic Laurel Packinghouse, the first designated heritage building in Kelowna and the oldest remaining packinghouse in the province. Located in the heart of the city’s cultural district, it is home to the B.C. Orchard Industry Museum, the B.C. Wine Museum and VQA Wine Shop.

As well as critical work to improve the seismic, electrical and mechanical performance of the building, the $2.5-million rehabilitation project (partially funded through the federal stimulus fund) involved repairing exterior brick walls and timber roof framing that saw the restoration of the original roof configuration. Later interior alterations were removed, reopening the space to better meet exhibition requirements. All major structural changes were implemented with minimal impact on the historic integrity of the building.

The Laurel Packinghouse Rehabilitation Project communicates the landmark’s continued connection to the fertile Okanagan Valley and ensures its ongoing public use for arts, heritage and cultural events in Kelowna.

Joel Shaw, the project manager, will be accepting the award on behalf of the City of Kelowna to be presented jointly by HCF and KMS at the Heritage BC awards ceremony in Burnaby this evening.

For more background on the Laurel Packinghouse project, click here.

The HCF Achievement Award honours individuals or groups for their achievement in heritage advocacy and volunteerism, and for projects that demonstrate a commitment to heritage conservation. Nominations are encouraged throughout the year.

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