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Survey: HCF is Asking for Input on the State of Heritage in Canada

Make your voice heard. Complete two short Survey questions by February 24th.

Ottawa, ON, February 14, 2012 – As part of the lead up to its 2012 National Heritage Summit, Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF) has developed a quick survey to help capture an overview of the state of heritage conservation in Canada.

How do you read the heritage conservation barometer in your community? Are things just fine, or is stormy weather on the way? Complete this short, anonymous survey (5 minutes) and help create an overview of the state of heritage in Canada.

Your insights matter. Survey results will be incorporated into a Discussion Paper that will be nationally circulated for comment. This, along with ongoing cross-Canada consultation, will help determine the program for the National Heritage Summit, which HCF and cooperating organizations are mounting in Montreal October 11-13, 2012 (mark your calendars!). This Summit will be a time for the heritage community to take stock, foster connections, and set priorities for putting heritage on the local and national agenda.

Please complete the survey by Sunday, February 26th.

Many thanks in advance.

For further information contact:

Chris Wiebe, Manager,

Telephone: 613-237-1066 ext. 227