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National Heritage Summit - Call for Papers

Heritage Conservation in Canada: What’s Working and What Needs to Change.

October 11-13, 2012

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Montréal, Québec

Heritage Canada Foundation’s Annual Conference in cooperation with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP), the Canadian Forum for Public Research on Heritage (CFPRH), and the Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage.

Be There, Pitch In, and Take Action.

2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, a landmark agreement that set national benchmarks for heritage management. What better time to reflect on how far we’ve come as a movement, where we are now, and determine where we need to go. While economic circumstances and government priorities are changing dramatically, built, cultural and natural heritage is being embraced by increasing numbers of Canadians, many of whom do not self-identify as heritage supporters. The National Heritage Summit is an opportunity to take stock, “hit the reset button,” and set priorities for putting heritage on the local, provincial and national agenda.

To improve our ability to build vibrant communities and protect places that matter, we need to capitalize on our collective strength, and foster stronger working relationships with other sectors and new partners. We must also re-establish the social and economic relevance of heritage conservation for a new era and the next generation. Accordingly, suggested conference themes emphasize innovative collaborations, compelling strategies, and cutting-edge answers to conservation challenges at all levels.

Proposals are invited on the following themes:

  • Expanding the Heritage Circle: unexpected allies achieving heritage results; productive alliances with non-heritage organizations; saving places that reflect cultural diversity, class, or the intangible.
  • Changing the System: examples of influencing policy, powerful incentives, effective coalitions and group action within the heritage movement and beyond; successful efforts to unify the heritage community’s voice; new frontiers for heritage mainstreaming (eg. sensitizing real estate agents, building inspectors, and facility managers); activities to engage elected officials.
  • Finding the Money: innovative business models and financing (eg. community bonds, loans, tax incentives); putting heritage rehab on an equal footing with new construction; unusual partnerships on heritage projects (eg. affordable housing and urban agriculture); case studies of philanthropy and corporate support.
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Completed or ongoing building projects that are challenging the traditional principles of heritage conservation and achieving positive results.

Presentation Formats:

  • Traditional Presentation (20 minutes) – These presentations will use research results and case studies that offer principles and real solutions that others can apply in their communities.
  • Spark Presentation (5 minutes – 10 slides, strictly 30 seconds per slide) – Inspired by the “Pecha Kucha” presentation style, this format can quickly raise important issues and generate dynamic conference sessions.
  • Poster Presentation – A presentation of text and images mounted on poster board: approx. 2 ½ x 3 ½ feet. At certain periods in the conference program, presenters will stand near their posters to answer questions from conference attendees. Poster presenters will enjoy the same profile as “verbal” presenters: her/his bio will be included in the conference program along with their poster description; a clickable pdf of their poster will be posted on the conference website.

Please include with your submission:

  • Proposal theme and presentation format.
  • Title of presentation proposed and 250-word (approx) summary.
  • Author’s/authors’ name(s), contact information, and brief CV(s).

Deadline for submissions: April 16th, 2012

To submit your proposal, or for more information:

g/conference.html   Tel: 613-237-1066; Fax: 613-237-5987

Chosen presenters will receive a discount on their conference registration.