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Help Save Quebec’s Historic District of Sillery!

HCF has joined forces with Coalition Héritage Québec in promoting the protection of one of Canada's most important heritage areas under threat from condominium development.

Public action has saved this historic greenspace before—and it can again.

Ottawa, ON, June 14, 2012 -- Last fall, the Heritage Canada Foundation added the Historic District of Sillery in Québec City on its list of Top Ten Most Endangered Places in Canada.

As early as 1964, under pressure from a strong public campaign, the province of Quebec made the visionary choice to protect an extraordinary cultural landscape characterized by large traditional estates with expansive greenspace. But now, with condominium developers circling, Quebec’s Mayor Régis Labeaume has indicated he will support subdivision and sale of this historic area. 

Sign the petition calling on Mayor Labeaume to end further destruction of the heritage district and to work on a sustainable plan that addresses the concerns of heritage advocates and citizen groups.

The condominium developers are winning this struggle. In fall 2010, historic district designation notwithstanding, the City and the Minister of Culture allowed the subdivision of the Saint-Patrick Cemetery property where luxury condominium development may now destroy trees and landscape dating from the French regime. Public advocates are pressing officials to uphold the law and ensure appropriate development -- but they need your backing.

The Historic District covers a linear 3.5 kilometer wide territory along the St. Lawrence River, dominated by grand estates integrated into a picturesque natural environment. The area bears witness to successive occupation (the French Regime; 19th century lumber barons; and later religious institutions) and has been called a cradle of the Canadian nation.

Collectively, the grand estates offer enormous potential for recreation, education and tourism, as well as carefully planned adaptive use and new sustainable development. Help in preserving this world heritage by signing the petition. Heritage groups will deliver the petition directly to Mayor Labeaume.

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