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What is AGORA-L?

AGORA-L is a free email-based tool for discussion and exchange about heritage conservation in Canada. Connect with peers across the country and share issues, questions and solutions without ever leaving your desk. No need to memorize a new password or log onto a website. Messages will come directly to your inbox. You can help make AGORA-L a source of success stories, conservation resources, and advice from colleagues who've faced similar projects and challenges.

How do I join AGORA-L?

To join AGORA-L, you simply send the first message you wish to share to You will be sent a validation email to confirm your request to join.

How do I send messages to other AGORA-L subscribers?

Once you have subscribed, you can send a message to everyone on the list by simply addressing your message to If you would like AGORA-L users to know who you are and where you work, include your name and contact information in your message.

How should I title my message?

Titles are important to help subscribers identify the subject of the message. Please be clear and concise. If you are replying to a posting, make sure to include the original title found in the subject line of the previous message.

Can I write my messages in the language of my choice?

Yes! The messages on the AGORA-L discussion list appear in the language in which they are written. Feel free to write in the language of your choice.

Can I look at past AGORA-L discussions?

Yes! The great thing about the AGORA-L discussion list is that all messages are archived on Full text searches by keyword, date or by theme allow you to find resources and information previously shared on AGORA-L.

What is the National Trust's role? 

The National Trust will ensure that messages contain appropriate language. The National Trust reserves the right to ask the sender to modify the original message or subject line. For technical support, send an email to

Can I post jobs or other announcements on the list?

AGORA-L is a discussion list and not a bulletin board. To post an upcoming heritage event in your community, send an email to or post it on our Facebook page.